Refund Policy

Woid: Konf ticket availabilty is very limited and we recommend to grab your ticket as early as possible. With our refund policy you are flexible if something unexpected happens after the purchase and you are not able to attend the conference.

Full refunds are available prior to April 15, 2017. You can get the full purchase price back or transfer the ticket to sombody else with no extra fees.

From April 16 until May 7, 2017 a fee of 100€ will be charged. Ticket transfers during this period remain free of charge.

No refunds or ticket transfers are accepted for any cancellations made after May 8, 2017.

PayPal Refunds

Tickets paid via PayPal cannot be refunded after 60 days. This means that either the deadlines above apply or 60 days after the purchase - whichever comes first.