Woid: Konf will take place at Wildniscamp am Falkenstein, located deep in the stunning Bavarian Forest National Park. The venue is surrounded by nothing but beautiful woods and nature, offering a rich contrast to our technical topic. For the night, there is a range of unique cabins, each with it's own topic and atmosphere offering an exceptional experience that can't be found anywhere else.

It is an unusual place for a tech conference but perfect for breathing and opening your mind.

Our Vision

Most iOS and tech conferences are focused on talks from start to finish. Thus they create a very dense timetable with very limited space for conversations, breathing and thinking.

Woid: Konf is an experimental iOS conference that combines technical talks with great social activities in the gorgeous bavarian forest.

The location we chose for Woid: Konf is very different from other conferences. Instead of being based in a busy, crowded city the location is only surrounded by nature.

We think, that time for conversations and meeting new people is very valuable. There will be a range of different social activities taking advantage of our location. Those activities in tandem with the beautiful surroundings will allow you to calm and think.

Learn how to take professional photos only with your smartphone camera.
Be creative with natural materials.
Explore the beauty of the deep bavarian forest with all senses.
Back to the roots
Learn how our ancestors survived in the wilderness.

Of course, talks are also an integral part of Woid: Konf. Join us to be inspired by some great talks by our amazing and diverse speakers.


Venue & Location

The venue Wildniscamp am Falkenstein is an educational institution of Bavarian Forest National Park. The mentoring and workshops will be held by the association WaldZeit. WaldZeit is a cooperation partner of the Bavarian Forest National Park.

The most convenient way to get to Woid: Konf is by train. We will provide a free shuttle service from the train station Ludwigsthal to the camp and back.

If you have to travel by plane, the nearest airport is Munich (MUC). From there you can take the train (Directions) which will take approximately 2.5 hours.

You can also get to Woid: Konf by car if you prefer (Directions).



If you travel by train, please try to plan your arrival accordingly to take advantage of the free shuttle service from the train station Ludwigsthal to the venue.

Meet & Greet

Get together with other attendees and speakers.
During the evening we will provide free finger food and drinks.

If you would like to stay up to date with WWDC in San José we will have you covered.

A Walk in the Dark

For the adventurous and those that like staying up late.


Enjoy a tasty breakfast after your first night in the woods.


There will be 4 talks in this slot that last about 30 min each plus a short Q&A at the end.


Strengthen yourself at the lunch buffet.


Appreciate the afternoon in the nature with our activities.


Enjoy a tasty 3 course menu - vegetarian and vegan options are of course available.


A healthy breakfast is the best way to start a new day.


There will be 4 talks in this slot that last about 30 min each plus a short Q&A at the end.


Strengthen yourself the travel ahead.


There will be a free shuttle service back to the train station Ludwigsthal. From there the trains are departing in hourly intervals.


Our unique cabins feature a truly exceptional camping experience. They are the perfect contrast to the typical hotel and an essential part of the full Woid: Konf experience. To stay in a cabin you will need to bring some stuff with you:

  • Sleeping bag and a pillow
  • Slippers
  • Flashlight
  • Towel
  • Soap, Shampoo

The cabins are shared among several attendees. Sanitations are available in the main building at the venue and shared among all attendees. There is no WiFi available so any distractions are removed.

If you are really not in the mood for camping but still want to attend Woid: Konf you have the option to get the additional Guest House Ticket.

You have some questions or wishes for your stay at the venue? You plan to bring a companion with you? Please don't hesitate to contact us at .

Not sure about your plans in June? Check our refund policy.